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Xtreme Diesel

We are proud to let our customers know that we are a Certified Power Service Xtreme Diesel Distributor. The standards are high to attain this certification and it is yet another way to demonstrate to our customers that we are providing the highest quality of fuel. This is no ordinary diesel fuel, this is Technology Transformed Fuel. Our Xtreme Diesel fuel is treated with additives from Power Service Products. Power Service is [Read More…]


For over 45 years, P F & E Oil Company has offered the best in wholesale diesel fuel to fit the exact specifications of our clients throughout Texas. We sell and transport on-road and off-road diesel fuels to a wide range of industries, such as retail, farming, trucking, construction, drilling and manufacturing [Read More…]


P F & E Oil Company has been a leading wholesale gas supplier in Texas since 1966. Over the years, we have distributed quality branded and unbranded products to the retail, farming, trucking, construction, oil production, drilling and manufacturing industries. We sell and deliver all three octane grades to fit your specifications. We can create a tailor-made program to meet your bulk fuel needs, no matter what business you’re in [Read More…]


P F & E Oil Company is a leading supplier of bulk K1-kerosene fuel in Texas. Kerosene is a fuel produced from crude oil used typically for outdoor storage tanks, agricultural equipment, and emergency situations. The kerosene we provide is top of the line in the market, formulated to meet the requirements of almost every type of farming equipment and protect engines under the most extreme conditions [Read More…]


Need to fire up the grill or keep warm? P F & E Oil Company has propane at our Brownwood location. We can fill your cylinders on-site. With our on-site fill program, your propane cylinders are refilled right on the premises. Our professionals still inspect your tanks with every fill. Our on-site filling program adds another safe and convenient accessory for your business and forklift program [Read More…]

Varsol™ Fluids

Varsol fluids are traditional solvents that are also known as mineral spirits or white spirits. These fluids have been widely used in industry for decades, developed to replace kerosene in solvent applications. Varsol solvents provide the advantage of controlled narrow boiling ranges compared with wide distillation kerosene products. In addition they do not contain significant amounts of sulfur compounds. This leads to an improved quality consistency versus kerosene products for predictable process performance. [Read More…]