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Generator Fuel Maintenance Program

PF&E Oil Company’s Generator Fuel Maintenance Program is a comprehensive program for the prevention of costly equipment failure and is completed with no interruption of everyday operations.

With the origin of crude oil, refinement processing techniques, season, and geographical location all aid in the determination of fuel blend formulas. Sulfur, naturally occurring gums, waxes, soluble metallic soaps, water, dirt, and temperature all begin to degrade fuel as it is handled and stored. These effects begin at the fuel refinery and continue until the fuel is consumed.

PF&E Oil Company’s Generator Fuel Maintenance Program takes the following steps to provide clean fuel:

  • Annual testing of fuel for condition of stability and microbial contamination.
  • Provide additives to maintain fuel stability.
  • Remove water and particulates.

Services we provide:

  • Fuel and tank monitoring
  • Fuel sampling
  • Fuel analysis
  • Application of fuel additives/biocides
  • Fuel filtration services
  • Tank inspection
  • Tank cleaning
  • Water and sludge removal

Scheduled fuel maintenance helps to reduce or eliminate fuel contamination. Fuel maintenance filtration can remove contaminants and water and return fuel to conditions where it will provide reliability and efficiency for standby generators in emergency situations when you need them most.

Fuel contamination is a major cause of premature shutdown of generators. Contamination occurs as soon as the generators are filled and continues until the fuel is used. As the length of storage period increases, the probability for premature engine shutdown due to either dirty filters or excessive water increases.

Ensure that your emergency generators are maintained and ready when you need them. Contact Sun Coast today to discuss how our Generator Maintenance program can keep your systems up and running during an emergency situation.

Quarterly Top-Offs:

This assures you that your generators are ready to give you maximum energy replacement and eliminates poor fuel conditions and algae growth.

Fuel Testing (annually):

Our annual testing assures quality fuel. At least 70% of all generator failure is due to poor fuel conditions.

Fuel Treatment:

All of our fuel comes pre-treated with Power Service Kleen Diesel Additive. (link here)

Filtration (if needed):

SCRI is also the parent company of RSI. So no matter what size generator…we always assure you of quality workmanship.

Priority Emergency Response:

24 Hours a Day – 7 Days a Week – 365 Days a Year